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Western Refrigerant branded products brought to you by Newcomb Mechanical inc.

Newcomb Mechanical Inc. can resolve all of your refrigerant needs with one phone call.  Specializing in refrigerant distilling, recovery and disposal, equipment rental and service, and EPA/Card record keeping.  Newcomb Mechanical also has in stock and ready to pick up or have delivered several refrigerants to keep your business up and running.
Our equipment removes impurities from refrigerant through the distilling process.  Possible contaminates include, oil, water acid, chlorides, and non-condensables.  Once a "batch" of given refrigerant is complete, it must pass stringent requirements set forth by the EPA before it can be packaged and sold.  These requirements are identical whether the refrigerant is reclaimed or a virgin product.  Therefore our refrigerant meets or exceeds virgin specifications.

Our distilling equipment can be set up on the job site, removing contaminants from systems while they are in operations.  We are certified by the EPA to perform this work.  ,
Recovery / Disposal
We have the equipment and professional team to respond to your recovery job fast.  All of our recovery cylinders are solvent cleaned, pressure checked, and evacuated.  Free 30 days rental of our cylinders is included with every recovery job.

Keep in mind, contaminated refrigerant is a "plus" for us.  Have us remove it, separate the refrigerant and legally dispose of all contaminates.

Cylinder Service:
Cylinder pump out, cylinder exchange, 250# or 1000# storage set up, all are available.  We will buy back R-22, R- 134A, R-11, R-123.
EPA/Carb Record Keeping  
Keeping good records of all aspects of refrigerant will become increasingly important as time moves forward.  We can provide the record keeping paperwork.  Become a preferred customer and we will track refrigerant recovered, purchased, disposed and reclaimed.  Our reports are issued quarterly and annually.
We have in stock, ready for pick up or delivery: R-22, R-134A, R-410A, R-407C, R-11, R-123.

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Equipment Rental
We service all makes of recovery machines and vacuum pumps.  Rental machines are available.
Make Newcomb Mechanical Inc. your one-stop-shop for all your refrigerant needs.  Contact us via this web site or call us today to let us know how we can help you with your refrigerant needs.